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GasCon is a world class certified designer and fabricator, building 200-350 Certified Vessels for the Oil & Gas, Power and Transport Sectors per year.  With customers in over 20 countries, we can build a wide range of certified customised vessels to your specifications. These include Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Columns, Drums, Silo Tanks, Tanks, Dive Bells, Decompression Chambers, LPG Vessels and Trailers, Cryogenic Static Storage and Transport Vessels, Rail Car Barrels and other general fabrications.

GasCon also offers other services which include R R Stamp Repairs and Re-certification of ASME U and U2 Stamped Pressure Vessels, High End Weld Repairs, High Pressure Piping & Testing, Cryogenic Repairs & Testing, Riser Certification & Repairs and Heat Exchanger Repairs.

The manufacturing plant is conveniently situated in Cape Town, South Africa, close to a reliable port. Our plant consists of 25 000 m2 of factory space with all the relevant equipment including craneage.

Mail: info@gascon.co.za

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