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Mechanical Testing Services

GasCon has a laboratory offering mechanical testing services.

GasCon Mechanical Laboratory specialises in carbon steels, stainless steels, low-carbon steels, and aluminium alloys. The GasCon Mechanical Laboratory offers scientific and engineering services including:

Flat tensile tests, round tensile tests, non-standard tensile tests (e.g. Z25, Z35), bend tests, Charpy V-notch impact tests, fillet weld tests, PQR fillet weld and macroscopic examinations, welders performance tests, non-destructive tests X-rays only (RT), non-destructive tests X-rays and MPI, MT, PT, UT, RT, HT, non-destructive tests X-rays and dye pen, macroscopic examinations, hardness tests, chemical analyses spectrographic Fe based, chemical analyses spectrographic Cu based, chemical analyses spectrographic Al based, heat treatments for PQR test plates (PWHTs) – stress relieving, compression tests.



Explore the craftsmanship of Gascon Mechanical Testing Services through our image gallery. From the intense focus of welding with sparks flying to the meticulous use of precision tools and machinery, each image captures the essence of our commitment to quality and excellence in mechanical testing and analysis.